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Welcome to the Wanganui Returned & Services’ Association Inc.


The RSA is part one New Zealands heritage and culture and there are not many kiwis who have not visited as a guest or dined with family, relatives and friends at an RSA sometime in their life.

The Royal New Zealand Returned and Services’ Association is one of the oldest Ex Service Organisations in the world. Under the auspices of “The Soldiers Club;” its primary function was to offer a safe and understanding haven for those soldiers returning from the First World War. As the winds of war have faded into distant memories the bond of comradeship that remains is as strong as ever.

The Wanganui RSA is an establishment which respects tradition whilst looking towards the future by providing quallity facilities and a fantastic atmosphere.  We have a friendly and relaxing environment with a range of venues that can cater for a variety of activities and events.  Our quality Family Restaurant offers great meals at reasonable prices and our excellent bar facilities provides a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for our patrons and visitors.

Live entertainment, Trackside TV, Gaming Room, raffles and Jackpot Draws, and sporting facilities that include 8 Ball, Snooker, Bowls, Darts, and Cards.

Call in for look and one of our frendly staff will be happy to show you around! If you wish to receive news via email be sure to sign up to our Mailing List.