Membership Application 2015

The Wanganui RSA welcomes all members of the public to apply for membership. This is a brief introduction to RSA membership however please do not hesitate to contact the office for any further information.


RETURNED’ servicemen and women who have served in any war, in a peacekeeping, or peacemaking deployment.

SERVICE’ members are either retired or serving members of the Armed Forces who do not qualify for ‘Returned’ membership. They include those who have served under CMT, Territorial Forces, Cadet Force Officers and sworn members on the New Zealand Police.

ASSOCIATE’ membership is open to members of the community eighteen years of age and over.

Associate members are required to complete a nomination form which is available from the office or bar, or CLICK HERE to download the PDF (370kb). Two current members of the RSA are to nominate and second the proposed membership.

JUNIOR ASSOCIATE’ membership is open to members of the community thirteen – seventeen years of age. Written permission is required from a parent / caregiver for Junior members to join.

To enquire about joining the Wanganui R.S.A. please contact the office or bar for an application form.


Returned WWII Veterans and current serving personnel – free subscription

Returned, Service and Associate members 18 – 69 years. $ 30.00
Returned and Service members 70 years and over. $ 15.00
Junior Associate members 13 – 17 years. $ 15.00

MEMBERSHIP CARDS are issued upon acceptance of membership and are valid from 31st January each year.