RSA to become Club Metro

The last day/night for the RSA will be Saturday 8th September and called our “Last Hoorah” with Happy hour, food and music.

A small ceremony on the footpath will take place at 1730 hours for the last post and the lowering of the flag for the last time.

A small ceremony will be held at Club Metro on Saturday 15th of September as they enter Club Metro as the RSA.

The procedure for the move to Club Metro on Saturday 15th Spetember at 1.30pm will be as follows:
– Assemble at Pakaitore Marae (Moutua Gardens) 1.15pm
– Order of march
– Mou Rakau Party of 3 x warriors to lead RSA party to Club Metro
– Followed by Kaikaranga
– Followed by remaining RSA members carrying RSA Taonga, Pou Pou (Carvings), Medals and other significant memorabilia
– Taonga to be placed on Wahiriki at Club Metro, to be blessed by John Maihi Kaumatua Whanganui
– Welcome speech by Club Metro to RSA members
– Reply from RSA
– Bugle call Reveilie Rectical of ode in English and Maori
– Haiririu

The official opening of “Club Metro” will be on Monday, 1st November 2018.
Onwards & upwards for the betterment of us all.

We are needing helpers to clean the RSA building on the 11th September at 9am.

All help will be greatly appreciated.

WHEN? Saturday 8th September

WHERE? Club Metro Members Car park
Entrance Via Rutland Street

TIME? 8am start

We have spaces available for car boot sales, for only $10 per person. Please see the bar staff for more details, if you are interested.
Come along & grab yourself a bargain!